We are offering our very own brand YellowNo1 as an alternative to brand-name products for toner and ink cartridges.

YellowNo1 products are made to:

  • produce perfectly clean and crisp prints
  • protect your wallet
  • protect the environment

Superior quality for small prices.

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Best Price

Highest Quality

100% Compatible

Due to a considerably larger filling quantity and extraordinarily high quality coated fiber optics, which are critical for the quality of the print, our YellowNo1 toner cartridges are exceptionally long-lived.
The thereof resulting capacities are up to twice the size of comparable brand-name product, while maintaining constant quality.

When producing YellowNo1 products, quality control is a high priority. We are conducting several tests, as for example the AMES–test, which is using bacteria to test whether the chemicals in a toner can cause mutations, in order to maintain a healthy and environmentally friendly product.

Moreover, our products are made in Germany!

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