Service offering

Our offering of services is not only versatile but also highly flexible.
Your satisfaction is our first priority. This has been our company’s credo since the early beginnings. You want it? You get it.

Aside from a comprehensive product offering, we are also providing a multitude of services.

From commissioning and logistics of goods and commodities to delivery and installation. There is nothing we can’t do for you.

Maintenance and Repairs

…For your printers in all parts of Germany.

Our technician service cares for all your printers’ needs. Our skilled and trained technicians can handle installation, care and maintenance just as you need. Right on site.

Process optimization

We are optimizing your supply chain management.

We are supporting and optimizing your supply chain by creating an individualized frame agreement for your company. That includes reduction of process- and material costs, as well as creation of a standardized product offering.


Managed Print Service. Automated prompts on consumables’ filling levels and errors.

Our own “PrintViewer” application can read information on your consumables’ filling levels and automatically re-order consumables for your to re-stock if needed.<br /> We will send you new cartridges right when you need it.<br /> Furthermore, errors can be found before they occur. By that service appointments and replacement parts can be scheduled timely and in advance.

Empties withdrawal

Free and environmentally friendly disposal of used toner cartridges.<br />