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Armin Piotrowski

Founder & CEO

+49 (28 42) 9 22 – 0

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Detlef Reichel

Founder & CFO

+49 (28 42) 9 22 – 0

Detlef Reichel and Armin Piotrowski founded Büro-Taxi GmbH in 1997. They have known each other since they were kids: The foundation for a harmonic partnership that has lasted until today to help the company grow beyond any imagination.

Armin Piotrowski has worked as procurator for a competitor that was specialized on office-supply sales, for more than 8 years and is in charge of the sales force.

Detlef Reichel is in charge of both the business and financial aspects of the company; in addition, he also supervises the IT.

From founding the company, the management’s first priority was an unparalled service for customers and a personal and reliable contact from sales to customers.

A healthy relationship between management and every single member of the work force has laid the base for optimized processes and a sound working climate.